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Enhanced Car OBDII Diagnosis App for iOS and Android.

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Read&Clear DTC

App not only provides the DTC but also explains meaning, ensuring you have a clear understanding of it.

VIN Decode

Decode your VIN to access vehicle specifications, recalls and service bulletins. (Some VIN not support)


Multi-brands maintenance info, such as: TPMS Reset, service light reset, brake reset, service oil reset, etc.

Real-time Livedata Display

We have meticulously designed the most user-friendly and convenient LiveData feature for you to access and view.

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Connection with ease

Automatically search and connect support OBD2 hardware .

Unlike other apps, FasLinkX automatically searches and connects to available hardware without requiring input of a Bluetooth connection password or manual device selection. Simplify the process and enjoy hassle-free connectivity.

The optimized connection method will save lots of time, the password-free Bluetooth app. Effortlessly connect devices with secure encryption and intelligent recognition. No more typing passwords—just run app and pair. Compatible with Android and iOS. Experience hassle-free Bluetooth connections today. Convenience and security combined in one app.

Livedata Stream

Customize your data stream display as you please.

In the LiveData stream, you have the flexibility to customize the display of various data and set desired parameter values.

Whether it's in the form of gauges, numerical values, or line graphs, you can smoothly visualize real-time vehicle data. Furthermore, you can effortlessly customize the sorting of the data stream by simply dragging and dropping. It's truly fantastic!.


I/M Readiness Function

An important and essential function for your car diagnosis.

I/M readiness is a crucial feature in FasLinkX that holds significant importance for users. It allows users to check the readiness status of their vehicle’s onboard diagnostic (OBD) system for emissions-related components and systems. This feature is especially valuable when it comes to vehicle inspections and emission testing.

By using the I/M readiness function, users can quickly determine if their vehicle is ready to pass the required emission tests or if there are any unresolved issues that need to be addressed. This saves time and effort by providing a comprehensive overview of the vehicle’s readiness status.

Car Battery Monitor

Battery Test feature allows you to assess the health of their vehicle's battery.

With the Battery Test feature, users can access real-time data on key parameters such as voltage, current, and remaining capacity of the battery. This information helps users determine the battery's charging status and whether it needs to be charged or replaced.

Furthermore, FasLinkX provides an evaluation function for assessing the battery's health status. It analyzes the collected data to assess the battery's health and provides corresponding recommendations. This helps users identify battery issues in a timely manner, avoiding unexpected battery failures during driving.

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Enhanced Functions

With the help of FasLinkX, you can not only fix your vehicle, but also expand more functions in auto repair.

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    Download and Install

    Search “FasLinkX” in App store or Google Play, download from official store.

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    Connect adapter to car, launch the App

    Simply switch on the car ignition, insert the OBDII hardware, and launch the FasLinkX app. It will automatically establish a connection without the need for password input or additional phone settings configuration. Streamline the process and get quick access to your car's data effortlessly.

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    Enjoy and have fun

    Now that you have access to the full range of app functions, we are confident you'll discover even more features that perfectly suit your needs.

    Don't forget to share your experience by rating us! We value your feedback and strive to continuously improve your FasLinkX experience.


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Where to buy?

FasLink X1 Mini

    Small and Protable
    Bluetooth 4.2
    Easy to install in car
    Low power consumption
    Fast communicate with car

FasLink X1 Pro

    Normal Size
    Bluetooth 4.2
    Easy to use in hands
    Low power consumption
    Fast communicate with car

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this App totally free of charge?

The FasLink X app is totally FREE of charge for both iOS and Android OS, you can just download from App store or Google Play, then use it with FasLinkX hardware or verified OBDII hardware, lifetime free.

What kind of ELM327 hardware devices does this app support?

There are many kinds of ELM327 in the market with different quality, some of them are well made, but some of them not. Right now our develop team have already verified some of the ELM327 are well compatiable with our app, such as OBDResource P01/P02, OBDLink EX BLE and some ELM327 with 18F25K80 BLE.

Do I need to register before using this App?

We always adhere to the privacy of our users, and we pomised not collect any user's personal information, so there is no register needed before using the app, just download install and play.

What can i do if i purchased a un-compatiable OBDII hardware?

We are regret that our app not support your obd2 hardware for now, we are still testing and adding more ELM327 adapters into compatiable list, for now you can try other apps to work with your hardware.

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*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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